recovery_ (2016)

installation for reverse-polarity speakers and pendulum microphones


recovery is a sound installation providing a space for discovery and a deeper understanding of the physical/ social properties of sound. by directing sound through two speakers facing each other with inverse phases - the resulting inverse vibrations 'cancel' and modulate each other, resulting in a volatile plane of deterioration and modulation between them. outside of this plane, we hear significantly less of the original sound source, but in the plane between speakers the phenomenon of phase cancellation is neatly retained.

two microphones are suspended and activated as pendulums within this plane, capturing the physical inconsistancies of the sound and recomposing them through a surround sound system - also creating varied standing wave phenomena throughout the space. through this simple structure the spectator directly sees how the movements of the microphones capture different vibrations in the air and experiences different sonorities walking through the space - giving them a unique opportunity to (re)discover the physical proporties of sound in a personalized meditative experience