social structure 1: my computer and you (2015)

6 hour performance-installation
for performer, 4-channel audio, video, computer, conductive strips

How are bodies socially situated within a structured space generated by the vibrations of sound (or lack there of)?

How does computer-based introversion effect human sociality?

Social Structure 1 explores how human sociality changes in two contrasting situations: computer-based introversion and direct physical connection. 
The performer stands alone with eyes closed, connected to their computer through an ungrounded copper strip for 6 hours. Their ungrounded bodily signal is amplified, connects with their computer, and signals an audiovisual atmosphere in the space - composed from recordings of their personal computer activities.
In front of the performer is another copper strip, connected to ground the performer's signal. A Sign asks "connect with me?" asking that any spectator stands on the strip and holds the hands of the performer - thus shorting the performer's signal / computer life, provoking audial/visual silence, and creating a directly focused social interaction.